The Mission of the Session of Tweedsmuir Memorial Presbyterian Church is to be the group within the congregation that, by the Grace of God, empowers our Church to know Christ and make Him known in the Church, the Community and in the World, through leadership, encouragement, and example.


  • to oversee the religious standards within the congregation by “introducing the faith through oversight of the Sunday School, the Youth Programs, and the preparation of new members and by “reinforcing” the faith by oversight of the worship experience of the congregation and the Christian education of adults.
  • to do the best to prepare the congregation in the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper by effective communication of the meaning of the sacraments and the people’s responsibility in receiving them.
  • to do the utmost to make all the “Means of Grace” available to the congregation.
  • for the Session itself to grow in Christian accountability to itself and in its role to give leadership to the congregation.
  • to do the utmost to care for the Shut-In members of the congregation.
  • to restore the balance of Session focus back to the “religious health” of the congregation rather than towards the “business” of the congregation.
  • to make better use of the Elder District System of the Session.

  • to do the utmost to care for the needy within our church.


  • to allow our church and building to be used for Ecumenical Worship and for Community Service Programs.

  • to continue to undertake helping ministries within our community; such as our support of the Food Bank and our Vacation Bible School.
  • to make the Church’s presence known in the community be continuing projects such as the Fall Fair Food Booth, the Christmas Parade Float and the “Christmas in the Park” display.

  • to continue to provide social activities for the community such as the various dinners organized by the congregation.
  • to help needy persons in the community with our Benevolent Fund.

  • to lead the congregation in preparing for the growth of our community and church.
  • to minister to the youth of our community.
  • to make new visitors to our church welcome and do a better task of follow-up.

  • to undertake outreach programs to the growing regions of our community.


  • to engage the whole congregation in mission.
  • to continue such specific mission and relief projects as the Food Grains Bank and PWS projects.
  • to support the mission projects of the groups within the congregation.
  • to improve the mission education of our congregation with respect to Presbyterian Sharing.
  • to ensure better communication of mission concerns in our congregational newsletter.