Baptism @ Tweedsmuir

Baptism is a wonderful celebration of God’s love and our minister will be glad to discuss your baptism, or the baptism of your child at any time. There is no fee for a service of Baptism. The decision to have yourself or your child baptized is an important one and must only be made after reflection on your own spiritual journey and your commitment to Christ and his church. As it says in Living Faith (our Presbyterian Statement of Belief):

[Baptism] is a sacrament meant for those who profess their faith and for their children… Baptism is also an act of discipleship that requires commitment and looks toward growth in Christ. (Living Faith 7.6.3-4)

Except for emergency situations, this sacrament is celebrated in a service of public worship (Sunday morning) and particular dates may be discussed with the minister. If you would like to use our church facilities for a lunch or reception after the service, please call the church office to inquire about arrangements.

If you have older children, other relatives, or special friends who would like to be involved in the worship service that day, please discuss this with the minister. When you have considered the meaning of Baptism and are ready to enter into God’s covenant, please contact the minister at or call the church office at 519-941-1334