Our lovely sanctuary with its beautiful stained glass windows make Tweedsmuir Memorial Presbyterian Church an excellent location for weddings.

All weddings performed in Tweedsmuir Memorial Presbyterian Church are subject to the approval of the minister and the church elders. If you wish to involve another officiant in the wedding service, arrangements must first be discussed with the minister at Tweedsmuir

About a Church Wedding

Christian marriage bears witness to the love and will of God for all creation. A church wedding is therefore a service of Christian worship that attempts to express the church’s understanding of Christian marriage. This includes prayer and the reading of scripture.

The Christian marriage service upholds the ideal of equality and mutuality between marriage partners. The covenant made between a man and a woman in marriage is private, but it is also a public covenant made before God and witnesses. It is a covenant made for the good of the natural and social order and is rooted in faithfulness. In the marriage service, we are reminded of the faithful God who entered into covenant with a special people.


There are several fees to consider as you plan your ceremony here at Tweedsmuir:
For the services of the:

Organist – $200
(includes both rehearsal and wedding)

Custodian – $75

Audio Board Operator – $15/hour
(minimum charge $50.00)

There are additional fees for those who are not members of Tweedsmuir Presbyterian Church:

One-time administration fee – $25

Church Use – $250
(includes rehearsal)

Minister’s Services – $200
(in the church building)

Minister’s Services – $350-$400
(off-site location, depending on distance travelled)

A deposit of $150 is due at time of booking. The balance of fees are to be paid by cash in separate envelopes and given to the minister at the rehearsal.

Church Membership

It is possible to be married in the Presbyterian Church even if neither of you are members. We are, of course, always glad to welcome new members and should you wish to profess your faith within the community here at Tweedsmuir, arrangements can be made through the minister.


Our congregation is blessed to have organists Julia Breen and Joan Elchuk who can provide their services for your wedding. They will assist you in choosing just the right music that will be appropriate for your wedding. Please be in touch with them directly. For contact information please call the church office.

And finally…

All of us here at Tweedsmuir wish you the very best as you prepare for this most important and exciting day.