What to expect on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning services at Tweedsmuir begin at 10:30am, usually ending one hour later. You will be greeted if you enter through the north or south doors. A written order of service (including large print versions) is available at all entrances. In addition, praise team song words, readings and announcements are shown on a drop down projector screen, helping most throughout the service.

All children are welcome in the church. Sunday school begins once the children have participated in the children’s story and prayer. A nursery is provided as well.

Singing and music is important to us and each service offers both contemporary Christian music and more traditional hymns from the Book of Praise. Our Choir, sings an anthem each week and the Praise team, leads the congregation in more current music selections. Instrumental accompaniment varies, as the Conn Pipe organ, the electronic keyboard, a piano, a guitar can be utilized. Sometimes a flute a trumpet or a harmonica might make an appearance as well! Coffee. Tea, juice and treats are offered in a social hour after the service is over. All are most certainly welcome!

Some of our Activities

We care about providing the best service possible. With our extensive experience we have serviced hundreds of students, all of them, successfully.

Sunday School

Dedicated Sunday School teachers greet children of all ages at the Sunday School which commences right after the Children’s story (about 10:45) on Sunday morning.


The Tweedsmuir Choir welcomes all voices (SATB) and leads musical worship every Sunday. Choir practices are held every Thursday from 7:15 to 8:30 p.m.

Praise Team

Led by pianist, Julia Breen, and accompanied by guitarist, Dean Morrison, the Praise Team leads a number of contemporary Christian praise songs during the church service. Practices are held every Thursday from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.

Ladies' Bible Study

“Learning to Love Your Bible” is exciting! The Bible provides us with stories of adventures in faith among men and women from the beginning of time. The same Holy Spirit who moved over the face of the deep in creation, inspired records that bring us face to face with our Sovereign God, and even now in the twenty-first century, offers us instruction in holy living as we engage in relationship with our heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In a chaotic world we need the stability of our faith to keep us grounded in the will of God. Let us not forget: “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!”

All ladies are welcome to join us for an hour each Wednesday morning at 10, meeting in the choir room to consider the place of the Bible in the faith community today. As we study “Women of the Bible” we are learning that God’s love and comfort, wisdom, strength and vision are available to all, because He is faithful yesterday, today and forever. “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” Psalm 119:105

Ladies Fellowship Group

The Ladies’ Fellowship was first started at Tweedsmuir in 1950 with a group of young women who met regularly at each other’s homes to take part in fellowship, devotions and planning of projects to support church and community outreach programs. In 1959 after the new church addition was completed, Ladies’ Fellowship moved its meeting place to the church where it continues to get together every third Tuesday of each month (excluding July and August) at 7:00 pm. Members take turns organizing the evening’s program, and providing refreshments.

Some of the Fellowship’s fundraising initiatives have included hosting various luncheons and dinners, and organizing the annual Bazaar and Bake Sale in November, with support and donations from the congregation. These events have provided funds in the last year to contribute to Choices Youth Shelter, Hospice Dufferin, Good Friends Lighthouse, Sleeping Children around the World, The Hospital Chaplaincy Program, Youth for Christ and WMS. It also contributes financially to various church programs and initiatives and looks after restocking kitchen supplies and equipment.

The Ladies Fellowship also partners with WMS throughout the year to cater funeral luncheons and to assist in buying food for the lunch and snack program at Princess Margaret School. It has helped WMS with preparing and delivering Christmas gift baskets for our church shut-ins and sends Valentine cards and flowers to them in February. From May to November, volunteers go once a month to operate the Dufferin Oaks Gift Shop in Shelburne.

The Ladies’ Fellowship is a supportive, congenial, Christ-centred community of women whose meetings are open to all the women at Tweedsmuir. New members are always welcome and encouraged to join us.

Our Sacraments


Baptism is a wonderful celebration of God’s love and our minister will be glad to discuss your baptism, or the baptism of your child at any time.

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Our lovely sanctuary with its beautiful stained glass windows make Tweedsmuir Memorial Presbyterian Church an excellent location for weddings.

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